While Brady and Roethlisberger stand out on that AFC playoff quarterback list as guys who have delivered multiple championships, Smith has had his share of postseason success as well. Smith doesn’t fire you up the way those guys do, but it’s not crazy to think he can get it done.

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“We know who we are. We know what we are,” tight end Eric Ebron said. “We let the opportunity when we went to Green Bay last time slip away from us. We obviously know we can put up points, so we’re going to try to do our best and hopefully we don’t fall short like this game.”

Who, though, does Ebron believe the Lions to be?

“We’re a good team. We’re a damn good team,” Ebron said. “We just gotta finish games. That’s what we’re known to do. We just gotta finish this one. We fell two games short now, we didn’t finish.”

For their season to definitively continue beyond Sunday, the Lions have to rediscover the identity they once possessed, one of a team that believed in the fourth quarter, over and over again.

Game Mens Tre Jackson Jersey Otherwise, the Lions might be headed home from Ford Field next Sunday for good for the season.