Pereira wrote particularly harsh words in the book for the NFL’s decision to discipline several officials in a public way last season, including a suspension of side judge Rob Vernatchi for failing to notice an 18-second runoff on a game clock. The league also made a point to push crew members to lesser-profile games after major mistakes to minimize public discussion.

Authentic Kids Jason McCourty Jersey He criticized Blandino for failing to stand up to NFL executives who wanted the discipline. When he had Blandino’s job, Pereira wrote, he once made commissioner Roger Goodell so angry for refusing to suspend an official that Goodell shoved him into a door.

In addition to the suspension, Vernatchi was required to speak with NFL security, to “I guess … make sure that he didn’t have a bet on the game,” Pereira wrote.
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You won’t see many players wearing hoodies under their jerseys like they do in practice, so the fleece turtleneck is a smart play, along with a pair of long underwear. I know the cold-gear leggings work, but adding another layer on top of those (under game socks) can keep your hamstrings warm when you have to chase down the deep ball. Now, you don’t want to look like the kid from “A Christmas Story” stuffed into his snowsuit, but having more layers is always a good idea.

Those instant hand warmers we buy at gas stations are all over NFL locker rooms and sidelines during cold-weather games — and players will put them everywhere. Among the many ways they are used: Drop a couple inside your hand muff, tape them to the top of your feet (before putting on cleats), put them in your gloves and tape them inside the ear hole of the helmet. Back before players were required to wear leg pads, I saw guys put them in the thigh board slot of the game pants. They don’t last an entire game, so you have to keep grabbing new ones, but they provide a little relief.