The last time the Jaguars had a winning season was in 2007. That year, the team leaned on the combination of Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew to rush for the second-most yards in the league. Quarterback David Garrard wasn’t asked to do much and the Jaguars finished No. 27 in pass attempts.

Replicating that blueprint is a good way to hide Bortles’ propensity for providing blooper reels with content.

Jacksonville only won three games in 2016, but don’t blame the defense for that. Only five teams allowed fewer yards than the Jaguars, and that’s despite the fact that the team was near the bottom of the NFL in time of possession and turnovers.

At times, symptoms of concussions don’t show for days. I once had a teammate who felt super dehydrated after a game. He drank liquids for a few days. Went into the facility on Wednesday, still didn’t feel right. They ran him through tests and he passed all of them, but he still felt off. Ended up skipping the game on Sunday because the team and player both decided it was best to be cautious. I’ve also had a teammate not show any symptoms of a concussion, nothing at all, until Tuesday night. So the symptoms of concussions vary for everyone. That’s one reason it’s tough to catch and document all of them.

We have seen players retire early for concerns over CTE and current players get brain scans to determine the possible damage before moving forward into the next season. When a player enters the NFL now, there is no excuse to not be educated on head trauma. The effects of CTE will always haunt the NFL. We’ve made progress, but there’s more work to do.yankees_808_024d9f1b3cd66ab8-180x180