The second (and arguably more interesting) component in Noel’s case is projecting the value of his next contract. There are a series of different projections and calibrations that come into play, and Noel may be at the forefront of a few of them in the 2017 free agent class. Centers have been prized for years, but the combination of ample supply and reduced demand has cratered the market for centers around the league. While elite big men will always have value and drive interest, players outside of that class will have a tougher time moving forward.

Both Allen Crabbe and Tyler Johnson pushed their prior teams to the absolute brink with lucrative offer sheets from the Nets with both the Blazers and Heat matching. While those and Enes Kanter’s max offer sheet from the Trail Blazers in 2015 represent the outer limit on one end, there are also talented players like Khris Middleton and Will Barton who have either taken a lower salary or ended up with less due to the nature of the process.
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It’s hard to say what options would be available to Wade should he opt out. The Bucks and Nuggets were both interested in him last year, and would be willing to talk again this summer if he were a free agent. He could chase another trophy, perhaps as a bargain signee for a team like San Antonio or the Clippers. Heck, it’s a long shot, but he could join the pile on a bare bones contract in Golden State or team again with LeBron James in Cleveland.

Elite Kids Justin Britt Jersey But first things first. Wade will have to deal with his elbow injury. And before he has any free-agent dreams, he will have to determine just where Chicago is heading, something about which even the Bulls themselves seem unsure. Wade signed on last year to lead the Bulls and re-establish his roots. But after one turbulent year, he might be willing to pull up those roots.