We’re midway through conference season in the 2016-17 college basketball season. That means we’ve gotten to know NBA prospects, have somewhat larger, 20 game-plus samples to rely upon and have been able to create some conclusions about where they fall within the grand scheme of the upcoming 2017 draft.

This is Big Board 3.0. It’s a still-developing document that, like the players enclosed within, will continue to mature as the season progresses. The biggest movers are Dennis Smith, Malik Monk, Justin Patton, Robert Williams, John Collins, Grayson Allen and OG Anunoby. Each of the top-30 has a brief explanation of his previous month, something quick on what makes him a special prospect, and even possibly a quick mention of weaknesses. As the year keeps going, we’ll continue to update this document. But heading to February, here’s what we’ve got.

In Charlotte’s defense, the team has lost six straight games and went 4-11 in January. Losing Cody Zeller to a quadriceps injury has hurt. Hibbert and Hawes could not replace his athleticism and constant activity. Those didn’t fit the Hornets’ future plans, but Steve Clifford may be able to unleash Plumlee as a “Diet Zeller.” If nothing else, the frontcourt is more athletic, and that was a major issue with Hibbert and Hawes on the floor against pace-and-space units.

Clifford has brought the best out of several of his players. He’s got a challenge in front of him with Plumlee, and this trade could end up looking awful if he’s unable to contribute.