Chip Kelly shut down a columnist who tried to condemn Colin Kaepernick

You’ll never believe this, but crusty columnist Lowell Cohn of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat does not like that Colin Kaepernick is talking about race and oppression in America when he could be talking about very important things like beating the Los Angeles Rams. He’s also the same guy who once admonished Kaepernick for such egregious offenses as wearing “his cap backwards and at an angle.” Fortunately, 49ers head coach Chip Kelly put the man in his place during Thursday’s press conference.

“How do you feel when he takes over the locker room,” asked the guy who tried to take over the press conference.

Kaepernick didn’t try to take over the locker room, as Kelly points out. He answered questions Cohn’s colleagues were asking about his decision to take a knee during the national anthem protesting racial injustice and inequality in America. The coach also reminded Cohn of that central fact, shutting him down faster than Kelly’s offense can run a play even on its best day.

After the game, Cutler was wearing a cast on his right hand and told reporters he was concerned about the injury, particularly since he has injured this thumb in the past.

“I’m concerned. You know, as a quarterback, you kind of need your right thumb,” Cutler said after the game. “I think I was 12 or 11 when I had surgery on this thumb, so we’ll see what it is.”

Prior to injury, Cutler had completed 12 of 17 passes for 157 yards and one interception. Cutler said after the game that the thumb injury contributed to the interception.

“Just my strength in (the thumb), I couldn’t really grip the ball,” Cutler said. “So that was obviously a big issue for me.”

Cutler said the interception made him aware that he was not physically able to finish the game.

“I knew that I was putting the team, especially the offense, in jeopardy at that point,” Cutler said. “So, I had to talk to Rags and get (Brian) Hoyer in there and then I knew my day was done.”

Hoyer replaced Cutler, finishing the day with 78 yards and no touchdowns.

“More videos have come out of guys getting killed, and I think people are still missing the point,” Sherman said. “The reason these guys are kneeling, the reason we’re locking arms is to bring people together to make people aware that this is not right. It’s not right for people to get killed in the street.”

Packers’ injury situation not as simple as ‘give me another RB, CB’

Mike McCarthy would like another running back before the Green Bay Packers have to play Thursday night against the Chicago Bears.

But it’s not as simple as promoting Don Jackson from the practice squad or signing someone off the street.

So it’s entirely possibly he might have to make do with the same setup he had in Sunday’s loss to the Dallas Cowboys, when Eddie Lacy – on a tender left ankle – played as much as he could and got moments of rest when the Packers used their “Big Five” package (an empty-backfield, five-receiver set) for the first time all season and also sprinkled in Randall Cobb and Ty Montgomery as makeshift backs.

In response, the Packers did precious little on Sunday to prove McGinn wrong. McCarthy, who has steered the Packers disastrously wrong at times in years past with conservative decision-making, chose to kick two early field goals on fourth-and-short against a dynamic Cowboys offense to make the score 7-6. The Packers subsequently failed to score on their next five possessions, including one in which McCarthy chose to try to convert a fourth-and-5. By the time the Packers scored a touchdown, the Cowboys were up 27-9 with seven minutes to go.

Smith replaced Fitzpatrick with 8:20 remaining in the game and the Jets trailing 28-3 — aka garbage time. Bowles should have made the move at halftime, if only to shake up the mojo, but this much we know about Bowles: He doesn’t have a quick hook. Smith completed a few passes against soft coverage, but he also joined the pick party, throwing an interception on his first series. He finished 4-of-6 for 31 yards.

Afterward, Bowles channeled his inner Joe Girardi, using a baseball analogy to describe his quarterback situation. Smith was simply a relief pitcher, replacing the starter, Bowles said.

The Packers also are in a difficult spot at cornerback, where they could be without their top three on the depth chart – Sam Shields (concussion), Damarious Randall (groin) and Quinten Rollins (groin).

“It’s never, ‘Give me another running back,’ or ‘Give me another corner,’” McCarthy said Monday. “Because it’s a long year. You have 53 [on the roster], plus you’re counting practice-squad guys. That is the chess match right there. If you’re talking about chess match in the game of football, it’s managing your roster.”

Lacy’s status could impact that, too. McCarthy couldn’t say whether Lacy’s ankle was any worse after his 17-carry, 65-yard performance against the Cowboys. Lacy was still undergoing tests on Monday, McCarthy said. He also confirmed that James Starks had knee surgery on Sunday, which rules him out again this week.